Taking on Krull with the Skiffy and Fanty crew 

I’m on vacation this week, but due to the marvels of technology, I’m on the latest Skiffy and Fanty podcast, where we give Krull the Torture Cinema treatment. 

I admit, this film was my choice, as I had very vague but positive memories of this 1983 “classic.” How has it held up 32 years later? Check out the podcast to find out. 


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Still another picture

I’m enjoying this immensely, and I promise all these random photos will lead to something. For now, I’ll simply invite you to take a look and, if you think you know what it is, feel free to comment. You can find the others I’ve done here.



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Win a free copy of The Venusian Gambit audiobook

So with the Audible version of The Venusian Gambit now live, I happen to have a couple promo codes for freebies. Time for a giveway? Absolutely!

I’m gonna keep it simple. Leave a comment on this blog post below by Monday at 9 a.m. EDT. I’ll choose a winner at random and post it here and in the comments as well. If you’re the winner, you can drop me an e-mail to claim your code and download the book.

Easy peasy.

You have to be registered with Audible to use the code and get your book, but registration is pretty simple, so don’t let that stop you. I mean, we’re talking more than 13 hours of entertainment here, delivered by the fantastic narrators Bernard Setaro Clark and Kristin Kalbli. What’s not to like?

As for the comments themselves, you don’t have to write an essay or anything — a simple “I’m in!” or something will suffice. And if you’ve not commented before, your comment will automatically go to moderation, which I’ll monitor and clear out regularly before Monday. So don’t panic if you don’t see it right away.

There you go. Get commenting!

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen — see the comments below. Thanks, everyone!



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Chapter 1 of “Crisis of Faith” Pathfinder story now live!

The first chapter of my new Pathfinder Tales serial, “Crisis of Faith,” went live today. In it, Jeddah Caliean, brewer-priest of the beer-and-adventuring god Cayden Caliean, has a tough decision to make — one at the core of his faith.

Yes, the tenets of Cayden’s faith are few — they’re kept on something called the Placard of Wisdom, usually found hanging above the bar — but hey, even the simplest faith can be challenged. Hence the title. I hope you enjoy the story.

And the art! Pictured here is Silvestrae, a half-elf with a few tricks up her sleeve and a taste for beer, naturally. Marek Madej is doing the art for this series, and it’s a real treat indeed to see characters I’ve written come to life like that.

The four-chapter series will run every Wednesday over at Paizo, so bookmark the story here and come back for more!

Again, my thanks to James L. Sutter and Chris Carey for letting me play in their sandbox. It was a real joy to write the story and go back to my RPG roots. And, of course, thanks to my friends on Twitter for getting me the gig in the first place!

Given that the story is about a brewer, I wonder if this means all my homebrewing gear is now tax-deductible. Hmm.



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Fantasy Faction reviews The Venusian Gambit; audiobook available now!

TVG-cover-finalIn paying homage to Napoleonic Era naval adventure, I’m well aware the Daedalus series is treading on beloved ground across the pond in the United Kingdom. So I’m doubly proud of this review of The Venusian Gambit from Fantasy Faction, written by one of my favorite Englishmen, Dan Hanks. His conclusion:

The Venusian Gambit is everything you could want in a finale. Bigger, better, darker and with more at stake than ever before, it’s a thrilling climax to a fresh, but delightfully old-fashioned swashbuckling adventure – the type of story we were sure they didn’t make any more.

You can read the whole thing here. My favorite quote, though, is this: “When a French zombie army marching across the English Channel to conquer our green and pleasant land isn’t the craziest event in a book, you know you’re in for a treat.” I’m quite grateful to Dan for the review, and for all the support he’s shown for this series. Rule, Britannia!

Also today, the Audible audiobook of The Venusian Gambit is now available for download! What’s more, the Audible page has a sample of Kristin Kalbli’s fine narration, so head on over and check it out.


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Vermont SF Writer’s Series this Saturday at 2 p.m. in Burlington

VTSFseriesposterJust a reminder: I’ll be reading at the Vermont SF Writer’s Series on Saturday, June 27, at 2 p.m. at the Fletcher Free Library in beautiful Burlington, VT. I’ll be reading something from the Daedalus series and perhaps talking a bit about short stories as well, time and format permitting.

As you can see, I’m part of a group of great writers: Alice Eckles, Asher Ellis, AmyBeth Inverness, Toby MacNutt and Amy J. Murphy. You want to be there. I mean, heck, it’s Vermont so you kind of want to be there most days. But this Saturday, you really want to be there!

If you can’t get to Vermont for whatever reason (slacker), I’ll also be a guest at the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County meeting on Saturday, July 11 at the Barnes & Noble in Hackensack, N.J. starting at 7 p.m. (my bit starts at 8 p.m.). So, you know, you have options. Hope to see you!


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The Pathfinder story “Crisis of Faith” is coming next Wednesday

So maybe this week is kind of quiet, but next week will be a whole lot of fun. In addition to the launch of the Audible audiobook of The Venusian Gambit next Tuesday, the good folks at Paizo confirmed that my serial Pathfinder tale, “Crisis of Faith,” will begin it’s run starting Wednesday, June 25, over at Paizo.com.

There’s a couple of neat things that make “Crisis of Faith” really rewarding for me. One, Paizo commissions a piece of art for each installment of the story — which means I’ll get to see the characters I’ve created brought to life visually. That’s a rare treat.

Second, the story is about a cleric. And not just any cleric — a priest of the god Cayden Cailean. Now, if you don’t know your Pathfinder mythos, click here for a good rundown on this particular deity.

Why, yes, the Pathfinder universe has a god of beer. And if you know me at all, you’ll know that including Cayden, or at least his priest, was pretty much a no-brainer. Had to be done.

And that’s all the spoilers you get for now. I’ll be blogging and tweeting links as each part goes live, so stay tuned.


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