Goodreads “Ask the Author” now open, plus more Venusian Gambit pre-order links

I might have been slightly remiss in not having done this until now, but I’ve officially opened up my “Ask the Author” submissions over on Goodreads. Just go to my author page and submit a question in the appropriate field; I’ll generally answer within a day or two.

Also worth noting: The Venusian Gambit now has its very own Goodreads page, fully linked to my author page and the Daedalus series page. Very exciting stuff. If you’re on Goodreads, don’t forget to add Gambit to your to-read list!

Finally, there’s a couple more pre-order pages up for Gambit. In addition to the vendors already available, you can also pre-order the third volume of the series from two excellent independent bookstores: Powell’s and Northshire Bookstore.

Everybody who likes books tends to know about the awesomeness that is Powell’s, while Northshire was one of my local bookstores growing up in Vermont. Both are worth checking out in general, and I’d be quite pleased if you ordered my work from either.


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I’m going to New York Comic Con! Here’s where I’ll be.

It’s less than two weeks to go before New York Comic Con, and given that it’s pretty much in my back yard, I’ll definitely be there. Coming on the heels of DragonCon, seems like this year is my year of Big Cons. And why not? I’m seeing what works, what sticks and what doesn’t. (DragonCon definitely does. That was awesome.)

Anyway, Night Shade Books — publisher of the Daedalus series and many other excellent books — will be at NYCC with a pretty awesome set-up, and I’ll be hanging out with them. I’ll be at the Night Shade booth on Thursday, Oct. 9, at 3 p.m. and Friday, Oct. 10, at 11 a.m.

Yes, we’ll be doing giveaways, so you could get your hands on some nice swag, such as t-shirts, bookmarks, maybe even books. They’ll also have a variety of NSB titles on sale, and I’m told the prices will be pretty darn good. Of course, if you pick up The Daedalus Incident and/or The Enceladus Crisis, they’ll be signed by yours truly. And if you find me at the booth, I’ll personalize the heck out of them — up to, and including, doodles if you so wish. (Note: Artistic quality of doodling not guaranteed.)

So if you’re going to NYCC, come find me and say hi. If you miss me, come by the Night Shade booth for a big dose of awesomeness. As for me, I won’t be there full-time each day, but I do plan to hang as much as I can. In fact, I may give my Halloween costume an early spin, so keep an eye out for the bearded guy in the fez….


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NFL GeekPicks: Week 4

How’s this for a stat? There are currently five playoff teams from last year sitting at 1-2: Green Bay, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New Orleans and San Francisco. Which ones do you worry about the most?

Indy’s kept things close. I think they’re just starting to jell and should be dangerous going forward. New Orleans started off with two away games, which is never their forte. However, they do need to win a few away if they hope to show up again this year, so I’d say I’m mildly worried there. I think both teams will be playing meaningful games in December.

As for the Chiefs, well, they were the beneficiaries of a soft schedule last year, and better teams are now exposing their flaws. I didn’t have them in the mix for the playoffs anyway, so nothing surprising there.

That leaves us with Green Bay and San Francisco. The Packers must deal with the resurgent Bears, starting this week at Soldier Field, and figure out what the heck’s going on with their game. Meanwhile, San Francisco has both Seattle and Arizona to contend with, and they’re doing a very poor job of it.

So if I’m a Niners or Pack fan, I’m pretty darn concerned. Thankfully, there’s still 13 games to go, but it’s never too early for fans to lament their teams, amirite?

Picks below. Remember, don’t actually use these to place bets. You will loseContinue reading

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Mysterious Galaxy reading! Venusian Gambit pre-orders! Plus wikipedia!

There’s stuff going on! You should totally be informed of these happenings, so here you go. I suppose I could’ve made you sift through three different blog posts, but that would’ve been slightly lame. Besides, I don’t get paid for putting ads up on here, so page-views aren’t really a concern. Anyway.

First off, I’m excited to be returning to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore for my second reading/signing/Q&A event. Sadly, the Redondo Beach store is no more, so I’m heading down to beautiful San Diego to visit the MG mothership on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m. I hadn’t planned on being in southern California, actually, but there’s an off-site meeting for work, and the excellent folks at MG agreed to have me over afterward. Perhaps word got out that I brought beer last time. (I am not above beer bribery.) Anyway, if you’re in the area, come on out and say hello. I’ll likely read from The Enceladus Crisis and maybe even give a sneak-peek at The Venusian Gambit. 

Speaking of The Venusian Gambit, the pre-order sites are up and running for the print version, so you can go and order one now! Which is…super-early, actually, but why not? Think of it as a gift for your future self. I haven’t seen a page up on Barnes & Noble yet, but you can order it from the aforementioned Mysterious Galaxy as well as Books-A-MillionAmazon or Amazon UK and Chapters in Canada. Or better yet, you can bug your local independent bookseller about it via IndieBound, which makes you a fine individual in my eyes.

Note that the pre-orders are for print only. E-book pre-orders tend to come later on, and I don’t expect them until next year. Same goes for the Audible version, which I do expect will be a thing given that we got the first two.

Finally, I’ve discovered the first mention of my work on Wikipedia, which was a small but proud moment. The entire Daedalus series has been listed on the Saturn’s moons in fiction page. And wow, there’s a lot of great works that play in the Saturn system. Happy to be bulleted among them.



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Untappd and “The Beer Fridge” feature on my blog

Thanks to the miracles of modern blogging, I can see that “The Beer Fridge” tab here on the blog still gets some traffic. That’s wonderful in that the Venn diagram of SF/F fans and beer lovers has good overlap, but less wonderful given that I’ve not updated the Beer Fridge since…January.

A lot of this has to do with my adoption of the Untappd app, which is pretty much everything I could hope for in a beer aficionado app. I can log, rate and track the beers I’ve had, as well as see what my friends on Untappd are drinking and enjoying. (You should totally hook this app up and friend me.)

Meanwhile, the more free-form (and logistically more difficult) Beer Fridge has languished. Yes, I could log in from anywhere and create a short blog post about whatever I’m having, but Untappd is several orders of magnitude easier. So I’m going to start parsing my posts from The Beer Fridge and creating Untappd entries for each of them — and then I’m going to shut down The Beer Fridge.

Well, the separate blog about beer, at any rate. I still have the real beer fridge down in my basement. I may yet keep the tab on this blog so I can keep a running list of what I have on hand and perhaps find an Untappd widget as well. As for beer-related musings, I’ll pepper them in this blog every so often.

Continue reading

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NFL GeekPicks: Week 3

If you’ve had any doubt that perhaps my NFL picks shouldn’t be used for anything other than mild entertainment — and certainly not for laying wagers — my record over 32 games should firm things up. I’m at .500, which means a monkey with a dartboard could do just as well, though hopefully with less panache.

But seriously, the Bills lead the AFC East? The Texans are undefeated? The Browns beat the Saints? What. The. Hell.

On the bright side, I do feel like I’m getting a handle on this season so far. The Chargers are good. Carolina is better than expected; Kansas City is far worse. Oakland…well, sorry. Still, I think it takes about 4-5 games for a team to figure things out, which means I’ll probably have more 8-8 weeks.

Anyway, here we go:  Continue reading

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Going beyond “comfort zone” books with a SF Signal mind meld

I’ve been traveling and thus remiss in pointing this out when it landed yesterday: I participated in a “mind meld” with many other excellent people over on SF Signal. The topic, ably managed by Paul “Prince Jvstin” Weimer, was about books that pushed us out of our comfort zone.

I took a slightly different tack on it, based on my early reading of steampunk and other alternate histories. A lot of these books didn‘t really push me from my comfort zone at all, and I wanted one that would. Ultimately, I found a really excellent steampunk book that took its storytelling quite seriously.

Which book, you ask? Read the mind meld!


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