Just a quick update

I thought I’d scribble a little post about what’s going on with Spacebuckler, since that’s why I actually have this blog in the first place. And you’re dying to know, right?

We are, officially, on submission. That means my super-agent, Sara Megibow, has submitted my revised, edited, sparkling manuscript to a number of editors at publishing houses. They, in turn, will read it and decide whether or not they want to acquire it. So far, we’ve had one outright rejection and one that was not quite outright, but not a yes. Nevertheless, I’ve found the editors’ comments encouraging — apparently, I can indeed write. I get the sense that Spacebuckler is a good idea, and I’m confident it’ll end up on a bookshelf near you…eventually.

Meantime, I’m off to sunny southern California on Saturday for a week at the day job and two weekends of fun with the family. There will be beach bicycling, Kogi truck stalking and Sea World Shamu sightings. Oh, and be sure to drop by early next week. You could be in for a…Surprise.


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  1. The publishers do like Spacebuckler and you’ll do a great job revising. Maybe the “Surprise” will be inspiring. I’ll be inspired by the beach bicycling but even more inspired by goodies from that Kogi truck!

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