So what are you doing May 7, 2013?

The good folks over at Night Shade Books have given me an actual release date! (Likely preliminary and subject to change, I imagine, but still.) The Daedalus Incident will hit stores, online and off, on May 7, 2013. So save your pennies and mark your calendars! Or just have Siri remind you like I do. Seriously, the Reminders app on the iPhone is really handy.

Of course, that’s a good nine months off, but there’s stuff to start thinking about. First off, of course, is my editorial letter from Night Shade, which I’m actually pretty excited about. I feel like this is my chance to learn more about the craft of writing from folks who have produced Hugo-winning novels. Not many folks get that opportunity.

There’s some marketing things to consider. For one, I need a headshot, and I’m probably going to get something professionally done. (Insert self-deprecating remark about how I need all the help I can get.) I wouldn’t mind something with a nautical and/or space theme, but therein lies the potential for a serious cheese factor. So maybe just something neutral that, ideally, will make me look thinner.

I’m already impressed with the marketing and publicity folks at Night Shade, which is saying something since I spent 15 in the media before going into marketing. They are ON it. Plus, the Nelson Literary Agency also has a very talented marketing guru. Honestly, you’ll probably be so sick of hearing about The Daedalus Incident by the time April rolls around that you’ll pre-order it just to shut me up. Which is all part of the plan.

Then there’s the book trailer. I’m on the fence at the moment, but leaning toward doing one, so long as I can find the right balance between quality and, well, budget. Bookish types seem to have a mixed opinion of book trailers, and the fact is, you really can’t measure their effectiveness very well. Would a book trailer translate into increased sales? Anecdotally…maybe. That said, I feel like it’s probably going to happen.

That’s it for now. More to come, no doubt! In the meantime, feel free to open my beer fridge, which now has a page of its very own, along with a handful of reviews. When The Daedalus Incident finally comes out, I suggest pairing it with a nice Belgian dubbel or a good imperial stout.


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2 responses to “So what are you doing May 7, 2013?

  1. kathils

    That is very cool. And way too exciting. Many congratulations.

    I like well-done book trailers, and they could influence me to make a purchase. However, there are way too few good ones.

  2. Awesome. What a feeling. A book trailer would be cool.

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