A update from the road

I recognize it’s been a while, but if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve seen that I’ve been out and about in southern California. It’s for work, but the family and I have been enjoying ourselves when I’m not in the office.

As I write this, I’m north of Bakersfield, Calif., heading for an extended weekend of fun in the northern environs of the state. And since I’m officially On Vacation now, I’m hoping to get some more writing done.

Meantime, my new friends at Night Shade Books are working hard on The Daedalus Incident. I’ve seen some cover art, which is incredibly exciting. I’ve been a professional writer for 20 years, yet seeing a cover made me just giddy. At some point, you’ll get to see it too.

NSB is also working to gather all their edits, comments and suggestions on the book, at which point I’ll enter that final phase of revisions. While I wait for that, I’m writing the sequel to TDI and noodling on a few other things.

That’s about it for now. Check out the Twitter feed if you want more, and keep an eye on my wife’s travel blog for updates on our journeys. She’ll be posting California stuff in the coming days and weeks.

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