Now blogging at The Night Bazaar!

Today’s my debut blog post over at The Night Bazaar, Night Shade Books’ group author blog. We’ll be tackling all kinds of juicy topics over the next several weeks, and I’m excited to participate alongside so many outstanding scribes. I’ll be there every Wednesday until they basically tell me to stop.

Today’s topic is dealing with reviews. Although a bare handful of souls have read The Daedalus Incident thus far, I’m no stranger to having my writing out there for folks to critique. How do I deal? Check out the blog post.

Also, as a handy reminder, if you want to be one of the bare handful of souls to read The Daedalus Incident before it comes out May 7, get on over to Con Or Bust and bid on a signed galley of the book. Proceeds go to helping people of color attend SF/F conventions when they might not otherwise be able to afford it. The auction starts Saturday!

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