Advance praise for The Daedalus Incident

Not many folks have read The Daedalus Incident yet, but those that have, including a couple of extraordinarily talented authors, have liked it — so much so, they’ve even said nice things about it. To wit:

“A clever blend of genres that builds up to a fantastic, adventure filled ending.” — Jason M. Hough, author of The Darwin Elevator


The Daedalus Incident is Master & Commander by way of Spelljammer smashed into an effortlessly believable 22nd century Martian mining project. Tremendous fun.” — Michael R. Underwood, author of Geekomancy and Celebromancy

Naturally, I find this amazingly cool and quite humbling. Thank you both, gentlemen, for the kind words and encouragement!

In other news, I’m back on The Night Bazaar today, and since we didn’t get a preassigned topic, I took on an article discussing the difficulties men have writing compelling female characters. Check out the post here.

Also, my SupaFi64 interview is now up on iTunes, and I expect the podcast archive online to be updated soon.

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One response to “Advance praise for The Daedalus Incident

  1. There’s gotta be a way I can read THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT sooner!

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