The art of (writing about) war

A couple quick items, if I may. I’m blogging at the Night Bazaar today,  discussing ideas around how to write action, specifically melee and battles and other kinds of assorted mayhem. A Martian sand beast may be involved.

Also, just a reminder that The Daedalus Incident giveaway over on Goodreads is still going strong. You have until March 28 to sign up to win a signed galley copy of the book. As of last night, there were 140 people signed up for it, which warms a debut author’s heart considerably.

Finally, if you stumbled upon this blog via the SFWA Authors Twitter feed, welcome! Feel free to click around and make yourself at home. Just don’t put your feet on the furniture. If you’re not following said feed, give it a shot. There are plenty of awesome authors blogging about plenty of awesome things. It’s…awesome.

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  1. No one talks about the challenges of writing about peace…or maybe the conflict is in keeping the peace to avoid war? 😉

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