The Daedalus Incident reviewed on Fantasy Faction

I don’t think waking up to good reviews will ever get old. This one, though, is pretty special.

Dan Hanks took on The Daedalus Incident over on Fantasy Faction this morning, and really liked it: he gave it nine out of 10 stars. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say.

The HMS Daedalus sails a ballsy, brilliant and at times breathtaking universe and you get to tag along for the ride. I can’t speak highly enough of what the author has created here. Don’t hesitate in signing up.

What makes this review special is that Dan really nailed the strengths and, yes, the weaknesses of the book, to the point where I have to wonder exactly how long Mr. Hanks has been in residence inside my writer-brain. Also, Dan lives in England and yet did not see fit to dock me for mucking about in his nation’s long and glorious history.

Fantasy Faction is an excellent genre fan community, and if you’ve not checked it out…why haven’t you? Thanks to Dan and Fantasy Faction for a thoughtful, awesome review!

Now if we can just get a release date nailed down, we’d be all set!


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2 responses to “The Daedalus Incident reviewed on Fantasy Faction

  1. Dan

    Ha great stuff, glad you liked it. Hope I didn’t leave too much mess from my stay in your writer-brain and that you’ll invite me back for the sequel!

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