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This is gonna be one of those blog posts made up of stuff that’s too long for Tweets, but too short to warrant their own separate posts.

First off, no official word yet on the Skyhorse/Start purchase of Night Shade Books’ assets. There’s not a heap I’m comfortable saying publicly, other than I remain encouraged by developments. While a bit of uncertainty remains, I expect it’s more a question of when than if at this point.

Folks who have pre-ordered The Daedalus Incident on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble may have noted that the release date has been changed from May 7 to June 11. This was news to me, and I’m not sure if that’s the official date or if it’s just a placeholder. Some pre-order customers at Amazon got e-mails updating them, others have not. Either way, you can still pre-order the book, and it’ll show up on or shortly after the official release date…whenever that is.

Speaking of pre-orders, I’m hugely gratified and humbled by all the enthusiasm for Daedalus. I honestly don’t understand how Amazon’s sales rankings are calculated, but the rankings for Daedalus are up there with books newly released by established authors for whom I have a ton of respect. People are out there ordering it, despite all the uncertainty, and for that I’m very, very thankful.

I’m also grateful for all the interest in my novella, The Gravity of the Affair, which saw its debut right here on the blog on Tuesday. It ended up being my second-best web-traffic day ever for this site. I also want to give a big shout out to John DeNardo and Regan Wolfram of SFSignal for helping spread the word. I’ll post the second installment next Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Finally, I’m heading out to San Jose on Thursday for Nebula Awards Weekend! I’m very much looking forward to meeting so many talented SFWA authors and learning a heap from the panels. Expect a flurry of tweets and perhaps a blog post or two while I’m there. I’ll be attending the SF in SF event on Thursday, and I’ll be hanging around the mass signing on Friday. Sadly, I’m out of preview copies of Daedalus to sign and give away, but if you see me there, come say hi. If there’s enough interest, I may give away an ebook copy of Daedalus while I’m there.

After that, I’ll be around the SFWA booth at Book Expo America in New York on Thursday, May 30, and I’m scheduled to do a little something, whether it’s a signing or reading or giveaway, at 2 p.m. that day. If you’re heading to the big show, be sure to come find me!


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