A handful of quick news items

Thought I’d give you folks a few updates on various and sundry things surrounding The Daedalus Incident. No, I don’t have an ironclad launch date yet, but things on the Skyhorse/Start deal front look good.  And that’s all I can say on that. So, moving on:

I’m writing over at SFSignal today, participating in a rather epic mind meld on the literary appeal of gods, goddesses and myths. Not only is the subject matter epic to begin with, but I’m sharing the stage with a lot of great folks, including Mike Underwood, Chuck Wendig, Chris Lites and Christopher Garcia. Lots of interesting stuff in there; you should check it out. Big shout out to Paul Weimer for including me in such august company.

While I’m here, I really want to give a hearty thanks to everyone at the Hugo Award-winning SFSignal — Paul, JP Frantz, Patrick Hester, Regan Wolfrom and especially John DeNardo — for all the support and interest. They’ve been awesome. If you’re a SF/F fan and haven’t bookmarked SFSignal…man, I can’t even contemplate that. Just go do it.

Also, I got confirmation from Steve Feldberg over at Audible that the audiobook of The Daedalus Incident is primed to go whenever the ebook hits the market, likely around early July at this point. I’ll post a link as soon as I see one. Also, the audiobook has two narrators, Kristin Kalbli and Bernard Clark, which I find quite cool. In retrospect, given the two different protagonists in two different settings, having dual narrators makes sense. It just never occurred to me that someone would actually want to do that. So, yeah…very excited. Thank you to Steve, Kristin, Bernard and the rest of the Audible crew. Can’t wait to have a listen!

Finally, just today I received my official invitation to be part of the programming at LoneStarCon3, also known as the 71st annual WorldCon. So that means I’m headed to San Antonio, Texas, over Labor Day weekend! If you’re heading to WorldCon, come on out to hear me talk about writing and Daedalus and other assorted topics. No, I don’t know which panels yet, or with whom I might converse, but I’ll be sure to announce it here when I get more details. Plus, word is that some of the Night Shade authors may do a little shindig for folks in attendance, so stay tuned.

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