Preorder the audiobook of The Daedalus Incident from Audible!

The folks over at move fast!

I’m proud to say that The Daedalus Incident audiobook is now available for pre-order at Audible. And if you’re in the U.K., you can pre-order the audiobook from

The unabridged reading is performed by Bernard Clark and Kristin Kalbli, and clocks in at an impressive 16 hours and 5 minutes. I didn’t realize I wrote that much, but then, I never thought to sit down and read it aloud from beginning to end, either.

I was talking with fellow scribe Mike Underwood at BEA yesterday about audiobooks, and he said it’s quite a surreal experience to have someone read your writing back to you. I’ve no doubt that Bernard and Kristin did a fantastic job exploring the worlds of Weatherby and Jain, but I imagine I’ll either sit completely still for 16 hours as I revel in someone reading my work…or quit after 10 minutes because, well, the voices don’t match the ones in my head.

That sounds bad. You know what I mean, right?

Either way, if you’re into audiobooks, click and pre-order. And if you’re still waiting for The Daedalus Incident to come out in print and pixels…well, between you and me, stay tuned. There may be some good news soon…! So if you want to pre-order the print version, click here and scroll down for a list of online booksellers. Or go to your local bookstore, ask them to pre-order it and support small business!

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