Now I understand writing retreats

My wife Kate and I had the chance to take a few days off on our own in the wilds of the Adirondacks and Vermont. We were, of course, grateful for the fact that we weren’t home; the weather was, by all accounts, unbearably hot. But it was still pretty warm up north, so while our mornings were fun and active (canoeing and bike riding), our afternoons were spent writing.

And man, more than 12,000 words later, I totally get that writing retreat thing.

Not that I didn’t really get it before, but I’ve always been of a mind to write whenever and however I can. An hour here, a half-hour there. It does add up. But such stretches of unscheduled time…it’s kind of amazing what you can do. We didn’t really plan it as a writing retreat, per se; it was merely one of many pleasant outcomes of the trip. We both got a lot accomplished, and still felt wholly relaxed and rejuvenated.

I’m still going to stick to my guns when it comes to writing time. Just write — whenever, however, and for however long you can. But if you can indeed carve out time in a big way, it seriously rocks.

I know, seems like a no-brainer. Maybe I’m just slow.

Anyway, here’s a few book-related tidbits for you:

  • It’s not too late to RSVP for my virtual reading and Q&A on Shindig this Wednesday at 9 p.m. I’m going to do an exclusive reading of The Daedalus Incident, and maybe even talk a bit about what’s next. Of course, if you’re not there, then I won’t. Yes, you. So be there.
  • On Tuesday, I’m publishing the conclusion of the novella The Gravity of the Affair right here on the site. If you’re not caught up, click here and get reading!
  • The Daedalus Incident is available for the Kindle, Nook and Kobo as we speak, with the print version coming to your friendly neighborhood bookstore Aug. 13. The Audible audiobook also launches on Aug. 13 and not this month, as we originally thought.
  • I have some pretty awesome stuff lined up for launch week, and I’m capping it off with my first signing event at Mysterious Galaxy Books in Redondo Beach, Calif., on Aug. 17. All you West Coast folks, come say hi!
  • Finally, I just got my preliminary panel assignments for WorldCon. I’ll be moderating the “Mars and/or Bust!” panel, and participating in two other panels: “Things They Never Tell You About When Getting Published For The First Time” and “When Is Hard SF Too Hard?” You’ll also likely find me at the SFWA booth, and with my fellow Night Shade Books authors at a couple other events (which are still TBD).

There’s more coming in August and September — check out the Events Calendar on the right-hand side of this page for a full list.

Yes, this author stuff is pretty fun.


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