Publishers Weekly Radio and Girls in Capes!

Got a couple of really fun items that went live today. First off, Rose Fox and Mark Rotella interviewed me on the latest edition of Publishers Weekly Radio. We talked about The Daedalus Incident, heroic science fiction, and some of the stuff that went down at Night Shade Books — and why I’m grateful for how it all turned out in the end. Click on the link above to give it a listen; I come in about 11:30 into the podcast.

Also, I’m a guest over at Girls in Capes today, where I wrote about creating female characters as a male author. As I said up front in the piece, I don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to think I gave it my best shot. Girls in Capes is a really great, thoughtful site dedicated to women, men and minorities in geek culture. Be sure to check it out.

There’s only a few days until the official release date of The Daedalus Incident, and I’m really gratified at the response the book has gotten. With Amazon and B&N shipping the book already, it’s already been spotted out in the wild, but Tuesday is still the official date. That’s when the Audible audiobook becomes available, and ideally you’ll start to see it in stores. It’ll be a great end to a long road.

I also have some nifty things coming up next week to celebrate, so be sure to check back here!


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