Where I’m at Friday at WorldCon

After last night’s Booksworn soiree, I’m kind of glad today is my least-busy day here at LoneStarCon 3, a.k.a. WorldCon. And I’m happy that it’s pretty much all indoors — it’s freakin’ HOT out here in San Antonio!

If you’re looking for me today, I’m on two panels:

  • “Things They Never Tell You When You’re Published for the First Time” panel, 11 a.m., Room 102B, convention center: It’s a pretty long list, so I’m sure we’ll go the full hour and then some. I’ll be on the panel with Vylar Kaftan, David Liss, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro and moderator Moshe Feder.
  • “When Is Hard SF Too Hard?” panel, 5 p.m., Room 008A, convention center: Want to see me moderate a convention panel for the first time? This is the place to be. And among science fiction fans, I imagine this’ll be both popular and perhaps controversial. The panel features Nancy Kress, Christopher McKittrick and Jack Skillingstead.

I’m also pulling a shift at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America booth in the dealer room some time in the afternoon, and probably checking out the other panels, taking photos and Tweeting a lot.

And I may hunt for good Texas barbecue in the evening.


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