A marketing pep talk for authors

I’ve been fortunate to have met a number of my fellow authors over the past several months, and one of the more frequent complaints among them is the need to self-promote.

Perhaps I’m just a shill, but I don’t see it as onerous. Then again, I used to work in journalism, and now I’m in marketing. Maybe it comes naturally. Point is, we have to do it. So whether or not we like it, we should really do a good job of it.

Marketing and self-promotion is the topic of my guest post over on Word Cafe, a great site for writers and readers hosted by Anita Mumm. Anita used to work for Nelson Literary Agency, and has taken some time off to teach English to Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala, India. Which is, of course, awesome.

Anyway, check out the guest post. It has some tips on what’s worked for me and what didn’t, and the mindset I use in approaching the whole marketing effort. If you’re a writer, or just want to get the word out about something, it might be helpful.


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