The Daedalus Incident is $1.99 on Kindle today!

So this is pretty nifty: The Daedalus Incident is a Kindle Daily Deal today, which means you can go buy it for just $1.99. That’s right — all the great sailing-ships-in-space action you’re craving for just $1.99! (Salad spinner not included.)

The inner workings of Amazon remain a mystery to most folks, and I say this having covered the company as a reporter in Seattle for a few years. I don’t know how Daedalus was selected, and I just found out on Twitter, of all places.

But seriously…$1.99. You’re officially out of excuses now. Go check it out!

Update: Behold the power of Amazon! As a result of the one-day sale, The Daedalus Incident topped out at #27 on Amazon’s bestseller lists, and #2 on the SF/F list, behind some book called Ender’s Game. (Heh.) Thanks to everyone who spread the word, especially John DeNardo at SFSignal, and to everyone who picked up the Kindle edition yesterday!


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