Daedalus reviewed in Amazing Stories

Very happy to see a good review for The Daedalus Incident out today in Amazing Stories magazine, courtesy of Matt Mitrovich. (Matt also runs the excellent Alternate History Weekly Update blog.) Matt gives a good synopsis of the book without giving away any spoilers, and goes on to say:

Although a part of me wonders whether Napoleonic history will give away the ending of the sequel, The Enceladus Crisis (due out next year), I still recommend this fun adventure story that was a solid debut for the author.

Now, for those who already read Daedalus, I’m aware there’s some history to contend with in the book’s last scene. But it’s no secret that The Enceladus Crisis is set firmly in the Napoleonic Era and will be informed by historical events. Rest assured, I’m giving nothing away there. The cool thing about writing historical fantasy is that there’s definitely a time and place for history to take a left turn.

Matt also mentions some unanswered questions about the Known Worlds setting, particularly around colonization and slavery. And yes, they’re unanswered for now. I like having some openings to explore different ideas, and I deliberately left some things unsettled in Daedalus. That doesn’t mean I’ll get around to answering everything in Enceladus or even in the as-yet-untitled third novel. But I have options.

Many thanks to Matt and Amazing Stories for the review!


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