NFL: Week 13 picks

I think last week’s picks were a perfect illustration of why you shouldn’t rely on my prognostication for anything worthwhile.

I mean, who thought San Diego would beat Kansas City, or that Houston was woeful enough to lose to the Jags? Tampa Bay beat Detroit? St. Louis beat Chicago? I think the Doctor had some bets going in Vegas, and used the TARDIS to fix a few games. Sonic screwdrivers don’t come cheap, after all.

In other news, it’s Thanksgiving! May you enjoy a peaceful and prosperous holiday, and remember to take time away from the games to, you know, talk to your loved ones and such.

Now, for what it’s worth, on with the picks! (Winners in italics)

Green Bay at Detroit: With Aaron Rodgers still sidelined, the Lannisters will take advantage.

Oakland at Dallas: Dallas’ defense is as porous as the Death Star’s, but the Force isn’t with the Raiders.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore: Look out, folks. The Steelers are as scrappy as the crew of Serenity.

Jacksonville at Cleveland: Honestly, this could go either way. And nobody will care either way.

Tennessee at Indianapolis: This is the kind of game that good teams win, even if they’re on their heels. The Colts remain a good team.

Chicago at Minnesota: Surely Loki had a role in the Vikings’ tie at Green Bay last week. No other explanation for it.

Miami at N.Y. Jets: Sorry, but I’m not picking the Jets to win anymore. It’s too demoralizing.

Arizona at Philadelphia: Now THIS game will have people caring. And it could still go either way.

Tampa Bay at Carolina: Jack Sparrow’s corps are surprising a lot of people. Not this week.

New England at Houston: Brisket is served.

Atlanta at Buffalo: The Angry Birds will get trampled by the herd.

St. Louis at San Francisco: The Rams look surprisingly good; this isn’t a gimme for the Niners.

Denver at Kansas City: The Chargers proved the Chiefs are vulnerable, but Peyton “Terminator” Manning knew that already.

Cincinnati at San DiegoDon’t look now, but the Chargers could be rolling.

N.Y. Giants at Washington: Not exactly a Pacific Rim-style smackdown, now is it? I remember when it used to be.

New Orleans at SeattlePicking against Seattle at home is like backing a peace treaty involving Klingons.

Last week’s record: 5-9 (my worst ever)

Season record: 111-64 (still better than all but three of these guys)

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One response to “NFL: Week 13 picks

  1. I think the Saints-Seahawks game will be an interesting one. Seattle is tough, especially at home, but Brees can light it up.

    If Detroit hadn’t lost last week I would pick them to screw up this week, but I imagine they are pissed and will come out swinging today.

    Very disappointed here in KC to see the Chiefs lose, especially when Denver then lost, but when you call time out at the end of the game and thus ensure you are giving Rivers a bunch of time to go back down the field you deserve to lose. Poor game management is poor game management.

    Looking forward to lots of ball and turkey today. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your bounce back this weekend.

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