Exploring the fuzzy spaces between subgenres

Today marks the unofficial start of launch week for The Gravity of the Affair, a novella set in the worlds of The Daedalus Incident which comes out on Friday in ebook and Audible audio. And to mark this auspiciousness, I have a guest post today over at The Qwillery, in which I talk about subgenres and labels and how certain books, mine included, can sometimes elude categorization.

I recognize that the Daedalus series can be difficult to describe, but there are a lot of books out there that don’t fit neatly into a subgenre. That’s a good thing, I believe, because for the adventurous reader, such books can provide entry into a wide variety of different stories.

Surf on over and check it out, and remember that Gravity is available for pre-order now on iTunes, Kobo and Google Play, and will hit Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Audible on Friday. Many thanks to The Qwillery for having me on!



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2 responses to “Exploring the fuzzy spaces between subgenres

  1. Congrats on the impending publication! I tend to find novels that don’t have a neatly prepackaged genre to be some of the most fun!

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