Farewell, 2013! Happy 2014!

The sun setting on the Arizona desert...and on 2013!

The sun setting on the Arizona desert…and on 2013!

Figure I’d take care of the new year’s greetings a bit early, as I’m planning on getting up early tomorrow to do a 5k. Yes, it could be as comical as it seems at first blush, especially given the hilly, cactus-strewn terrain here in Arizona.

I wanted to give a proper fare-thee-well to 2013, as it was a pretty kick-ass year. After much trepidation and no few delays, The Daedalus Incident finally saw the light of day and was very well liked by folks, which did my heart good. I also signed a deal for The Enceladus Crisiswhich will be available April 1, and The Venusian Gambit, which should be around some time next winter. The Gravity of the Affair also went from Web freebie to actual for-sale novella, too.

I also went to my first SF/F convention, met lots of cool people, did my first book reading/signing, and raised nearly $700 for charity through this whole authorial thing. The latter is reason enough to keep going. The rest really is gravy.

There were a ton of people who helped make 2013 awesome on the book front, including super-agent Sara Megibow and the Night Shade Books team — or teams, rather, both old and new. To them, and to the reviewers and bloggers, my fellow authors who were so generous with their time and wisdom, and to everyone who took the time to give my work a read…thanks.

So far, 2014 looks to be just as exciting. The Enceladus Crisis is coming out, and I’m excited about the direction the Known Worlds are taking. I’ve started in on The Venusian Gambit and, let me just say, I’m even more excited about how this series is going to wrap up. And from there…who knows? As a writer, I have options. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Of course, none of this would be any fun without a wonderful wife and daughter, great friends and family, and all the other good stuff life has to offer. No matter what happens with the writing thing, I’m a lucky guy.

Have a great New Year’s holiday, everyone. Stay safe and make smart choices tonight. And for the new year, I humbly suggest you count your blessings, tell your loved ones you love ’em, enjoy life and try new things.

OK, 2014…bring it!


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