The Enceladus Crisis heading out to reviewers

Given that The Enceladus Crisis is just my second novel, it might not be accurate to say that it’s always a little daunting to send out those first books to reviewers. But it sure feels like it.

Print previews of the new book in the Daedalus series have been mailed, and I’ve begun sending out electronic files to reviewers. I’m excited about the direction the new book takes in the evolution of the Known Worlds, and I think it’s a pretty good read. (I also had a pair of beta readers concur on this, so that’s comforting.)

But sure, it’s a little daunting to hold up your work and say, “OK, gang. JUDGE ME.” I suppose that’s normal and probably healthy. If I think I’ve actually written the Great American SF/F Novel, then chances are I probably haven’t.

By the way, I’m still sending those electronic files out, so if you haven’t gotten one yet and you want to review it — and, admittedly, you have something of an audience on your blog or site or publication — do let me know and I’ll get one out to you. Bear in mind that it’s a preview version; there are still copyedits to come!

The cover also looks very different from the placeholder you see on this page. We’re still finalizing the details, but the art is just fantastic. I’ll have more on the image and the artist as we get closer to the book’s May 6 launch.

While you wait for the new book to come out, it’s worth noting that the Audible audiobook version of my novella, The Gravity of the Affair, comes out this Friday. And it’s cheap, too — just $2.99! You can pre-order it here. And the ebook version is already available wherever fine ebooks are sold.

On another note, I’m excited to see that reviews for The Daedalus Incident are still trickling in. Caleb Flanagan of the site 20four12 listed Daedalus as one of his top-ten reads of the year, and now follows that up with a full review:

“Is The Daedalus Incident doing something new and different? Yes, I very much think it is. It’s a well-crafted blend of fantasy and science fiction that roars through the pages and keeps you gripped until the very end.”

Click here for the entire review. Thanks, Caleb!

Finally, if you want a shot at winning signed copies of both Daedalus and Enceladus, then it would be really awesome if you supported my 5k run fundraiser for African elephants. Everyone who donates $10 will be entered to win both books. It’s a good cause, and there’s good karma for you. Plus books. And I’ll be sweating it out for a half-hour, which has it’s own entertainment value. So go for it!


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