The Gravity of the Affair out in audio, another Daedalus review, and convention planning

Very happy to report that Audible has officially released The Gravity of the Affair in audiobook, and for the super-low price of $2.99. It’s a nice, trim two-hour reading by Bernard Clark, the same fellow who read the Weatherby sections of The Daedalus Incident audiobook. Check it out! And if you bought the Gravity ebook from Amazon, you can read along or automatically synch between the two, which is pretty cool. We do indeed live in the The Future.

I’m also happy that The Daedalus Incident continues to garner positive reviews and notice. The Qwillery — that great resource for news and reviews of debut SF/F works — published Trinitytwo’s review yesterday. Her verdict:

I thought this book was unique in many ways and I can honestly say it was my pleasure to read. I am looking forward to reading The Enceladus Crisis and The Gravity of the Affair. Michael J. Martinez has created a sci fi adventure that is just too good to miss, so make sure you don’t!

You can read the whole review here. Many thanks to Trinitytwo and Sally “Qwill” for all they’ve done for debut genre authors!

Meantime, I’m starting to figure out my convention schedule for the coming year. I can say with certainty that I’ll be at Lunacon, up in Rye, N.Y., on March 14-16. That’s pretty much the closest con to my house, making it a no-brainer. The list of program participants is impressive, and while they haven’t released panel info yet, I’ve seen some preliminary stuff, and it ought to be awesome. So come on out to Lunacon and say hi!

After that, I’m looking into BaltiCon in late May, and then really trying to figure out what I want to do for a summer convention. As much as I’d love to go to WorldCon in London, I’m having a hard time with the costs of it all. Whereas, if I hit GenCon in Indy or DragonCon in Atlanta, I may find new audiences and cheaper flights. (I’m already spoken for the weekend of CONvergence, so that’s out.)

If anybody has any thoughts as to a good summer con, throw it out there in the comments!


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