New excerpt from The Daedalus Incident in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

I’ve been remiss in mentioning this here, so it’s high time I correct it. I’m quite happy to report that a new excerpt from The Daedalus Incident is included in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology, assembled by M. David Blake and published by Rampant Loon Media. 

This massive anthology includes literally dozens of short stories and excerpts from longer works, all written by folks like me who are eligible for the 2014 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, to be presented alongside the Hugo Awards at this year’s WorldCon in London.

And the anthology is free. As in, zero cost, go and download and enjoy. You get the work of 111 new, up-and-coming authors to peruse, all for the price of belly-button lint. How can you not love that?

The idea, of course, is to help WorldCon voters make informed decisions with regard to the Campbell awards. It’s hard to check out every story, every novel that was written by the newbies in any given year, so this is a great chance for fans to get caught up on who’s done what.

To be eligible to nominate works and vote on the Campbell award, as well as the Hugos, you need to be an attendee or supporter of the 2013 WorldCon in San Antonio, the next WorldCon in London and/or the 2015 WorldCon in Spokane. You don’t have to actually go, of course — you can buy relatively inexpensive supporting memberships that allow you to vote on the awards. (And as a WorldCon member, I can tell you that you also get a nice bundle of the Hugo- and Campbell-nominated works to read as part of that membership. In other words, it pays for itself.)

The anthology is available for download in DRM-free .mobi or ePub formats at the Stupefying Stories site. Again, it’s free. And if you have a WorldCon membership, the Hugo and Campbell nomination instructions are online at LonCon3’s site. You have until March 31 to get nominations in.

Did I mention the anthology is free? Even if you’re not a WorldCon member, it’s still free. Seriously, it’s chock full of awesome. Go download! And a big thanks to David, Rampant Loon and Stupefying Stories for making it all possible.


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