Today, I am a Functional Nerd

Actually, I’m pretty much functional most days. Except when there’s no coffee, at which point I’m reduced to a mind-blanked automaton.

No, today I am a guest on the fantastic Functional Nerds podcast, ably hosted by Patrick Hester and John Anealio. We talk SF/F conventions, the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser project, Patrick’s newfound love of iTunes smart playlists, and my own recent discovery of Untappd, the beer drinker’s social network. (Here’s my page in case you want to follow along.)

Oh, and I talk a bit about writing and stuff. I had a great time recording it, so please do give it a listen. The Functional Nerds podcast page is here, and you can download the podcast via your favorite podcast downloading…thing.

My thanks to John and Patrick for a great podcast!


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