One week to go before Hugo nominations close

Just a quick blog-based reminder that you have until Monday, March 31, at 11:59 PDT (in case you really want to procrastinate) to nominate eligible works for the Hugo Awards and the Campbell. The nomination form is here. In order to nominate, you have to have been a member of the 2013 WorldCon in San Antonio, this year’s WorldCon in London, or the 2015 WorldCon in Spokane.

Not a member and don’t plan on going? You can purchase a supporting membership to the London WorldCon for $40 in order to nominate works for the Hugos. And you’ll get access to the voter packet once the nominations are firmed up, which means you’ll get to read the vast majority of nominated works for the cost of your supporting membership. In other words, it’s a good deal.

I suppose this is a good place to remind folks that I’m eligible for the Hugos in the novel category (The Daedalus Incident) and the novella (The Gravity of the Affair). I’m also eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. No, I really don’t expect to be nominated for anything, but I’m quite willing to be incredibly surprised.

I’ve already cast my votes (and no, I didn’t vote for myself), and I’m excited for the great writers I’ve read and, in some cases, have gotten to know personally. I had particular fun with the fan writer, website and podcast nominations. I’ve interacted with many of these folks over the past year, and they’re a good bunch.

If you’re eligible, get voting! And if not, consider giving it a shot.

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