The Enceladus Crisis ebook available for preorder on Kindle and Kobo

enceladuscover-frontI’m very happy to report that The Enceladus Crisis ebook is available for preorder on Kindle and Kobo devices/platforms. I haven’t seen it up on Google Play, iTunes or Nook yet, but I’ll keep you posted if I do.

Because The Daedalus Incident was delayed last year due to Skyhorse Publishing’s buyout of Night Shade Books, the first book in the Daedalus series didn’t really get a ebook preorder. So I’m pretty psyched to see Enceladus getting out there ahead of time. I expect the second Daedalus book will be on all the platforms as the first, and I’m told the Audible audio version will launch around the same time as the book’s official May 6 release date.

Note the “official” in that statement, because at this point, May 6 is more of a “no later than” date. Amazon says the Kindle preorders will be released April 29. And last summer, I know that many folks who preordered print books from a variety of booksellers got them several days ahead of schedule.

This is not a bad thing, though. I can’t wait for folks to read this one. And I hope you guys feel the same way.

Still, I’m keeping May 6 as my official date. That’s when I’ll start carpet-bombing the Internet with interviews and excerpts and all sorts of other goodies. And that’s when I’ll be opening my official book-launch beer. The Daedalus Incident was launched with a 2006 Brooklyn Monster Ale, after all, so I’ve got my eyes on a few different bottles for May 6. My Untappd page will, of course, carry the results live.

Long story short, if you use Kindle or Kobo, you can now go preorder The Enceladus Crisis. And that’s a very cool thing. Of course, the print version is available for preorder right now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books-a-Million, and lots of other places. So however you like your sailing ships in space delivered, you can ensure you get your fix.


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