Look what I got in the mail

The Enceladus Crisis is in my house, and it’s fabulous. Of course, since I wrote it, I get first dibs on copies.

photo (1)If you haven’t ordered yours yet, well…get on that! It’s available in ebook and print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, IndieBound, iTunes, Google Play and…yeah, pretty much anywhere you like. And in audio from Audible, too. It comes out May 6, which is less than three weeks away. Which is…wow, coming very soon!

On another note, congrats to all the Hugo and Campbell award nominees! This was my first time voting, and I was excited to see some of my choices make the short list. There were many worthy nominees, and I look forward to reading them. I recognize that there are some nominees that are controversial, and since I keep well upwind from controversy, I’m just going to focus on the works and the good stuff. And that’s all I got to say about that.



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6 responses to “Look what I got in the mail

  1. joshuabertetta8306

    Congratulations! I hope to be following in your footsteps one day. I remember reading your agent is Sara Megibow. Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve had a heck of a time finding an agent myself. In the end, I “figured out” what I was doing wrong and completely rewrote my manuscript…Sent out a query letter to the president of Writer’s House…he wanted to take a further look, so I sent him material he requested. Now crossing my fingers…Looking forward to finding your book in my local bookstore. Again, congrats–that is awesome.

    • Thanks! And good luck to you as well!!

      • joshuabertetta8306

        Thank you

      • joshuabertetta8306

        Question if you don’t mind–though the answer may be in your blog (I haven’t the time to read it in its entirety) I was wondering: did you start your blog before you found your agent/got published the first time around or did you start it after? If the former, what role do you think your blog played in helping you find an agent?

      • I started it before, but knowing full well I’d need one. I don’t think the blog played a huge role, but I think it reflected my understanding that I’d have to take an active role in social media and in marketing my work.

        So yeah, it helps. Not to the point where it’ll tip the scales in your balance or anything — good writing is good writing. But it’s a nice positive to have.

      • joshuabertetta8306

        Great, thanks…I started mine at a friend’s suggestion–he basically told me what you said in regards to being active in social media and marketing your work and indeed, good writing is good writing. That is a big grey area for me–sometimes I read books I think are not well-written, then I come to find they have been nominated (or won) Hugo and Nebula awards. Or just published in the first place. So I just shake my head. But then again, who am I to say?

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