A new excerpt with Napoleon in Egypt, plus what I learned writing The Enceladus Crisis

Napoleon in Egypt. Not, in fact, Chuck Wendig.

Busy day on the Interwebs today. First off, the good people at Tor.com ran a new excerpt of The Enceladus Crisis, wherein the esteemed alchemist Dr. Andrew Finch meets Napoleon Bonaparte in Cairo and talks shop. It’s one of my favorite scenes, set on the same day in 1798 the historic Institut d’Egypte met. Check it out.

And for those inclined to write, well…God help you. It ain’t easy. But if you insist on it anyway, I talk about the five things I learned writing The Enceladus Crisis over on Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds.com. You are, of course, reading Chuck’s blog, right? I mean, the dude is frighteningly talented, incredibly funny and has excellent writing advice. So you have that to check out too.

My thanks to both the Tor.com team and Chuck for all the support they’ve shown my work, and for letting me hijack their digital real estate again.


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