A Qwillery interview and a new review of Enceladus

A couple of new items today. The first: I’m interviewed over at the Qwillery, a most excellent book blog, about writing The Enceladus Crisis and what comes next after that. I talk a bit about Napoleon as a character, as well as the research that went into book two of the Daedalus series. Check it out.

Also, there’s a new review of Enceladus up at Joe’s Geek Fest, another most excellent book blog. Joe Frazier, a fellow Firefly fan (which makes him awesome), had this to say about the book:

Mr. Martinez set a high bar for himself in his debut novel; could his sophomore effort live up to the expectations it established? It has and then some. His characters and their relationships are even more fully flushed out, his dialog, description of action (Ilove the first battle scene) and overall handling of the narrative is, if anything, tighter and better…I once again am slightly embarrassed at having waxed rhapsodic over another Michael J. Martinez book, but I cannot help myself. It’s that good. Do yourself a favor and get the book (and audiobook).

I really cannot argue with any of that. Click here for the full review. Thank you, Joe, for the very kind words!

And as a reminder, the ebook edition of The Enceladus Crisis can still be had for $1.99 for a limited time. You can get the sale price at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books. Many thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about the sale, and to all the folks who have rated and reviewed The Enceladus Crisis on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere.


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