Signing at Borderlands in San Francisco cancelled

I’ve been off the blog for a bit, and unfortunately there have been some difficult things to contend with of late. I’m pretty private when it comes to such matters, but rest assured that I’m fine, as are my wife and kid.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my scheduled reading at Borderlands Books, which was to take place on Saturday, July 26. I appreciate the interest folks have had in it, and I’m really disappointed I won’t be able to make it. I’ve rescheduled my trip out west for the first week of December, and I’m going to try to hang at the bookstore on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 6.

In the meantime, do go to Borderlands if you’re in the area. It’s a great store, and the folks there are incredibly wonderful.

The rest of my schedule is tentatively OK, but subject to change. I’ll do my best to give you notice in the days and weeks ahead should things change.

Again, we’re OK, but there are others who are going to need my attention in the days and weeks ahead, and I want to be present. So if the blog or Twitter go dark for a bit, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back.


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