Sorry, DragonCon…no free books from me

When you try to organize events at a con with 50,000 people, something is bound to slip. Unfortunately, my books are that “something” at this DragonCon.

I had hoped to have a couple dozen copies of The Daedalus Incident and The Enceladus Crisis to sign and give away at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America booth today.

But…dude, where are my books?!

Sadly, we can’t find them. Don’t know if they left the warehouse, got lost in transit, eaten by woodchucks, whatever. Not here.

So. I’ll still be at the SFWA booth at 3 pm today, and I’m happy to say hi. My books are on sale at Missing Volume and Larry Smith Books in the vendor hall, and I know some of them are signed. If you didn’t get a signed one, or want it personalized, you can still find me.

Sorry gang. I might do a giveaway online in lieu of this…especially if all those extra books ever show up.

Meantime, DragonCon is wonderful. I’ll do a wrap up later on, but suffice to say, I’m enjoying the heck out of it. Except for the missing books.


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