Mysterious Galaxy reading! Venusian Gambit pre-orders! Plus wikipedia!

There’s stuff going on! You should totally be informed of these happenings, so here you go. I suppose I could’ve made you sift through three different blog posts, but that would’ve been slightly lame. Besides, I don’t get paid for putting ads up on here, so page-views aren’t really a concern. Anyway.

First off, I’m excited to be returning to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore for my second reading/signing/Q&A event. Sadly, the Redondo Beach store is no more, so I’m heading down to beautiful San Diego to visit the MG mothership on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m. I hadn’t planned on being in southern California, actually, but there’s an off-site meeting for work, and the excellent folks at MG agreed to have me over afterward. Perhaps word got out that I brought beer last time. (I am not above beer bribery.) Anyway, if you’re in the area, come on out and say hello. I’ll likely read from The Enceladus Crisis and maybe even give a sneak-peek at The Venusian Gambit. 

Speaking of The Venusian Gambit, the pre-order sites are up and running for the print version, so you can go and order one now! Which is…super-early, actually, but why not? Think of it as a gift for your future self. I haven’t seen a page up on Barnes & Noble yet, but you can order it from the aforementioned Mysterious Galaxy as well as Books-A-MillionAmazon or Amazon UK and Chapters in Canada. Or better yet, you can bug your local independent bookseller about it via IndieBound, which makes you a fine individual in my eyes.

Note that the pre-orders are for print only. E-book pre-orders tend to come later on, and I don’t expect them until next year. Same goes for the Audible version, which I do expect will be a thing given that we got the first two.

Finally, I’ve discovered the first mention of my work on Wikipedia, which was a small but proud moment. The entire Daedalus series has been listed on the Saturn’s moons in fiction page. And wow, there’s a lot of great works that play in the Saturn system. Happy to be bulleted among them.



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2 responses to “Mysterious Galaxy reading! Venusian Gambit pre-orders! Plus wikipedia!

  1. Wishlisted. I’ll preorder a bit closer to the sale date. 🙂

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