Back at New York Comic Con today at 11 a.m.! With FREE books!

It was so much fun yesterday, we’re doing it again. Catch me today at 11:30 a.m. at New York Comic Con, where I’ll sign your books, talk about the Daedalus series and generally hang out with a very cool tribe of geeks.

Plus, after some discussion with Night Shade’s higher-ups, awesome editor Cory Allyn says we can give away copies of both my books for FREE. As in no cost to you, the NYCC attendee who already spent a fortune on travel, hotels and cosplay. Not to mention the food there. (Seriously…$4 for a cup of coffee? Ugh.)

So, just like yesterday, I’ll be at the Skyhorse Publishing/Night Shade Books booth, #2129. (Here’s a map.) There will be copies of The Daedalus Incident and The Enceladus Crisis  available for free. And then I’ll sign them. Seriously, we think you deserve it, NYCC folks. You’re awesome.

There’s also other giveaways all throughout the con, a heap of other awesome books up for grabs, and appearances later today and this weekend by Ellen Datlow, Laird Barron and Mark Cheverton. Plus t-shirts. You know you need more t-shirts.

See you there!


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