NFL GeekPicks: Week 11

On the heels of back-to-back six touchdown performances by Ben Rothelisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the 1-8 New York Jets.

The Cleveland Browns are in sole possession of first place in the AFC North — in November.

Obviously, Loki is charging up his Glow Stick of Destiny because, frankly, if these aren’t signs of impending Ragnarok, I don’t know what would be.

Know what, though? It’s awesome. I love that the Browncoats are 6-3 and playing meaningful games this late in the season, especially with the hometown boy at QB and the high-priced glamour boy riding the pine. Life’s good.

So what’s in store this week? No idea. On with the picks! (Winners in italics.) 

Buffalo at MiamiSo who’s for real in the AFC East besides the Pats? Lo, this game is your Magic 8 Ball.

Minnesota at ChicagoFinally, a team the Bears can beat. Unless Loki really is gearing up his Vikings for battle.

Houston at ClevelandShiny!

Seattle at Kansas City: Call me crazy, but I think Seattle’s back in business.

Atlanta at CarolinaUmm…yeah. Someone has to win this, right?

Cincinnati at New OrleansPaging Dr. Evil. You need to help the ‘Aints find their mojo, stat. Thankfully, the Bengals are kind of imploding.

Tampa Bay at WashingtonAnother game where Netflix might provide better options. Are those new Marvel series up yet?

Denver at St. Louis: The whole “lambs to slaughter” thing comes to mind.

San Francisco at N.Y. Giants: It seems the Niners got their groove back, and the Giants are tiny.

Oakland at San DiegoA perfect target for Electro’s team to recover.

Philadelphia at Green BayThe Eagles are far better than the Bears. The Pack is better than both.

Detroit at Arizona: Wow. Tell me you knew this game would be awesome back in August, I dare you.

New England at IndianapolisThis one could go either way, but Luck’s Lucky Charms are at home.

Pittsburgh at Tennessee: Let’s see if Pittsburgh will whiff against another bad team.

Bye: At least Jacksonville and the Jets won’t lose another game this week. Baltimore and Dallas can bask in glory.

Last week’s record: 10-3

Season record: 96-50

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  1. Giants are tiny.

    Alas, I can’t argue with you

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