Reminder: The Gravity of the Affair just $0.99 for just a few more days

gravitycover-hiresHey! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday and got lots of great gift cards for ebooks. If you did, you’ll eventually find yourself with that pesky buck or two left with nothing to spend it on. Whatever shall you do?

Well, as a completely self-interested public service, I’m happy to remind you that my novella, The Gravity of the Affair, is still on sale for just 99 cents — but only until the end of the month (and year). So if you’re looking for a nifty little adventure tale, you can check out this story about a young Horatio Nelson battling privateers in the Void over Ganymede.

You can purchase Gravity from all major ebook retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play. If you like, you can read the first bit here. Then you can go spend that last bit of gift card.



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4 responses to “Reminder: The Gravity of the Affair just $0.99 for just a few more days

  1. Done. Thank you sir. Just fyi the Related link in iBooks does not link to your other books. Seems to be the middle J.

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