Revealed! The cover of The Venusian Gambit

And it’s insanely gorgeous. Here’s what The Venusian Gambit will look like on shelves:


I really, really love this art. A little different from the last couple, no? No ship, for one. But a whole lot of other stuff. And yes, it’s a touch spoilery, but nothing you likely hadn’t suspected from reading the last few pages of The Enceladus Crisis. Or the actual title of this book, what with the whole Venus reference.

If you’re interested in how we ended up with this — as well as more details on what you’re seeing here — hop on over to SF Signal, which did the exclusive cover reveal earlier today. As part of that post, I talked with artist Lauren Saint Onge about her process. I also showed off some of the preliminary sketches so you can see how this cover came to be. (I did the same thing with Enceladus‘ cover last year right here on this blog.)

By the way, there will also be a blurb from another author on the cover, just like the first two books. We couldn’t get it onto the image in time for ARCs, but it’s a great quote and I’m incredibly excited, thankful and humbled by it. More to come on that soon.

Let’s give it up for Lauren, who once again hit it out of the park. If you have any say in art awards for covers, please consider her work, because man…this is awesome.

The Venusian Gambit is out May 5. You can pre-order it in trade paperback from Mysterious GalaxyBooks-A-Million, Barnes & NobleAmazon or Amazon UK and Chapters in Canada — or from your local independent bookseller, which I heartily endorse. E-book and audiobook pre-orders will be available closer to release.



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3 responses to “Revealed! The cover of The Venusian Gambit

  1. Robert

    Looks great, Mr. Martinez.
    Although, it would have been nice to have a ship on there…
    Very much looking forward to the end of the series.
    Any tour plans?

    • I was tempted by a ship, but couldn’t resist doing a revenant! As for a tour, I’m working on my travel schedule. Definitely San Francisco, and some cons. Open to ideas!

      • Robert

        Well, they say the Seattle area is nice.
        But there are also areas south of Seattle that never get any attention.
        Signings in smaller locations can work, too!!

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