Events, appearances and conventions: Find me in 2015!


I love this cover so much, I’m just going to put it on any post remotely related to the book.

A few days ago, a commenter asked whether I’d be going on tour to support The Venusian GambitBless his heart…we don’t have funding for that sort of thing!

But that said, I do have plans.

There will be several opportunities to catch up with me after The Venusian Gambit comes out May 5. I’m planning to go to a handful of conventions this year, and I’ll crop up in a few other places besides. Some are, at the moment, tentative and thus aren’t listed here. In fact, let’s remember that this is January — everything is tentative.

Here are my preliminary plans for events and appearances and such:

It’s also highly likely I’ll do a reading at Borderlands Books in San Francisco in either July or August, depending on when my day-job travel takes me there. Likewise, since my corporate mothership is in Los Angeles, there’s a strong chance I’ll be heading out there at some point; if I do, I’ll try to set up something in SoCal, too.

Finally, I’d really like to do something local to New York around launch time, but right now I don’t have anything definitive. So, you know, if you own a bookstore or something in the city, let me know.


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