Radio reading of The Daedalus Incident on The Author’s Corner

Very excited to report that my reading from The Daedalus Incident is now live up on The Author’s Corner and has been, or soon will be, broadcast around the country on some 200-plus public radio stations.

Yeah, I know, right? That’s very cool. And because I have some modest technical prowess, I managed to embed the reading here for your listening pleasure. (Don’t worry, the whole bit clocks in at only 1:40.)

Readers of Daedalus may note that this is a pretty truncated, heavily edited excerpt. That’s because the series only allows about a minute for actual reading, which means the snippet needs some serious impact. Producer Peter Johnson worked with me extensively to get a great bit of radio together; my hat’s off to him. It ain’t easy!

It was a lot of fun to do this, and a great way to introduce Weatherby and Jain to a whole new audience ahead of the release of The Venusian Gambit on May 5. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! And please go check out The Author’s Corner online or on the radio and, if you’re so inclined, give ’em your support.


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