The Venusian Gambit makes Library Journal‘s monthly SF/F roundup

TVG-cover-finalI’m very happy to see that The Venusian Gambit made it into Library Journal‘s recent roundup of forthcoming SF/F titles. There’s only a handful of books mentioned out of the several dozen coming out in May, so I was pretty excited to see Gambit in there. My thanks to Megan McCardle and the whole Library Journal crew for once again showing the Daedalus series some love.

Also worth noting within the LJ roundup: A quote from The Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato (she who blurbed Gambit so nicely), and a mention of The Rebirths of Tao by all-around great guy Wes Chu.

And congratulation to Molly Tanzer for her debut novel, Vermilion, named the LJ debut of the month in that same roundup. Fun fact: The Daedalus Incident was the SF/F debut of the month in LJ two years ago. The editor of my debut? Ross Lockhart. The editor of Molly’s debut? Ross Lockhart.

The editor of the Cthulhu Fhtagn! anthology coming out in August with my short story in it? Ross Lockhart.

Ross is now the proprietor of Word Horde and has continued kicking ass and taking names, as you can plainly see. He’s a fantastic editor and all his kudos are well deserved indeed. And I can’t wait to read Vermillion as well — it sounds amazing. Way to go, Molly!


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