The Venusian Gambit reviewed at Amazing Stories

Good reviews, they do not get old. At all.

Alt-history guru Matt Mitrovich, proprietor of the immensely entertaining Alternate History Weekly Update, took to the pages of Amazing Stories to review The Venusian Gambit. His take:

I really enjoyed reading this series and The Venusian Gambit was a good way to end it. The world-building in the novel was excellent. …Martinez’ characters remain complex and I am happy he kept averting many over-used tropes. …The Daedalus series was a fun mash-up of different genres and The Venusian Gambit managed to have a satisfying conclusion while leaving us with just enough uncertainty to keep it realistic. Will Martinez write more books set in his multiverse? I don’t know, perhaps I will ask him when I get the chance, but whatever he writes I am sure to pick up a copy.

Read the whole review here. To Matt’s question: At this point, I’m looking at new projects, both within alt-history/historical fantasy and without, so I’m probably not heading back to the Known Worlds any time soon. That said…I love this setting and these characters, and if I’m lucky enough to keep doing this a while, who knows? It’ll depend on whether I have a great story to tell.

Many thanks to Matt and Amazing Stories for the kind words and all the support shown for the Daedalus series. Gambit is out May 5 — click here to find out where you can pre-order it!


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