Talking about the Daedalus trilogy over at SF Signal

TVG-cover-finalSF Signal just published a rather extensive and detailed interview with yours truly, and if you’re a fan of the Daedalus trilogy, I humbly suggest it’s worth checking out.

Paul Weimer is probably the most well-informed reviewer and interviewer I’ve ever come across. The man knows his science fiction and fantasy like few others, and it’s truly a pleasure talking shop with him. He’s read every word of my novels and asked really smart questions.

(FYI, you’ll find an excerpt of Paul’s forthcoming SF Signal review on the back cover of The Venusian GambitHe likes my stuff, which makes him awesome in my eyes — but he was already awesome before that.)

If you’re interested in some of the thinking that went into the books, as well as some hints as to what I might be up to next, click here and read on. And a big thank you to Paul and everyone at the fantastic, Hugo-award winning SF Signal!



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5 responses to “Talking about the Daedalus trilogy over at SF Signal

  1. Just got VENUSIAN GAMBIT today. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Robert

    That was a good interview.
    Hopefully, mine will be like that at some point.

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