The Venusian Gambit featured in ITW’s The Big Thrill and BuzzFeed Community

I recently joined International Thriller Writers, an organization for authors who write thrillers and the various sub-genres associated with them. Yes, I’m very much a science fiction/fantasy writer, but I think my work does share some DNA with more conventional thrillers — and a lot of other SF/F books do, too.

(Plus, I’m looking to do something a bit more closely aligned with the thriller genre at some point, so stay tuned there.)

Anyway, as a member of ITW, I got to do a write-up about thrilling SF/F — including The Venusian Gambit — for the latest edition of The Big Thrill, ITW’s monthly newsletter. Here’s hoping we get some traditional spy/crime thriller readers to take a walk on the weird side. Give it a click and check it out.

Also, Gambit was featured by Andrew Liptak in his “30 Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Books To Pick Up In May 2015” posting on BuzzFeed Community. As always, I’m delighted to be in such fine literary company, and my thanks to Andrew for seeing fit to include the book.

I know Amazon has already started delivering print editions of The Venusian Gambit, but everyone else still has to wait until Tuesday, May 5, to get it downloaded or buy it in a bookstore. But hey, that’s just four days away. Have a good weekend, go see Avengers: Age of Ultron (I know you already planned that) and then start reading Tuesday!



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2 responses to “The Venusian Gambit featured in ITW’s The Big Thrill and BuzzFeed Community

  1. Robert

    Any word on the Audible version?
    I keep checking back and it’s still not posted up for pre-order.

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