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It’s launch week! Which means I’m going to assault the Internet with all kinds of interviews and guests posts about my work. Apologies in advance, though I’ve tried to make it, you know, interesting and stuff.

Today, for example, I’m over at with a guest post: Five Books About Fiction History. Except that I really couldn’t do just five. I mentioned something like 11, I believe. Whatever…there’s a lot of great historical fantasy and alternate-history books out there, and I wanted to spread the word. Check it out!

Also, I’m participating in an International Thriller Writers roundtable this week on series titles. The Daedalus series was kind of named almost by default, because we wanted the second and third books to remain tied to The Daedalus Incident. But it seems to be working, so I won’t complain.

And tomorrow, The Venusian Gambit hits shelves! And ebook readers, because we live in the future. Can’t wait!


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