A new Gambit review, plus interviews on publishing and editing

First off, thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive of The Venusian Gambit this week. Your blog posts and Twitterings and reviews mean a lot. I appreciate it!

I also appreciate this review from Tracey “TrinityTwo” of the Qwillery, who had this to say about the final book of the Daedalus trilogy:

Part of the beauty of this series is that it’s not simply sci-fi, it’s also daring exploits, nail-biting espionage, brilliant war tactics, and mortal danger experienced by characters the reader truly cares about. In short, it’s kick-ass action with great human drama…. The conclusion of the series is very satisfying; the conflict is resolved in an explosive burst of action with results that made me a bit emotional. I was honestly sad to reach the last page. I will definitely miss reading about Jain and Weatherby’s exploits. The Venusian Gambit is truly sci-fi magic that you won’t want to miss.

That’s pretty much the definition of an awesome review. Thanks to Tracey and Sally for all the good stuff the Qwillery does. The Qwillery is doing a giveaway of a signed copy of The Daedalus Incident, by the way — click here and sign up by May 17 to win!

A couple interviews landed today as well:

  • Over at Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, I talked with Robert Junker about, well…my adventures in sci-fi publishing. We talked about the writing and editing, self-publishing vs. traditional, and which beers I’m geeking out on at the moment. Great interview, Robert!
  • And the illustrious Dan Hanks had me on his site 10:07 to talk about editing. Dan’s a fellow writer and we had a good deep dive on how the books came together, my writing process, the contributions of my fantastic agent and editors — you name it. Check it out!

Finally, an early heads-up for everyone. I’m going to be doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on r/Fantasy on Thursday, May 14. Basically, you stop by in the morning, lay down a question or two in the as-yet-unposted-thread, and I’ll swing back in the evening to answer. (You do need to be a registered Reddit user to chime in, but it’s an easy thing to do.) Really looking forward to this one, as r/Fantasy is a pretty awesome community.



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2 responses to “A new Gambit review, plus interviews on publishing and editing

  1. Robert

    I have to say, I like the look of that, sir.
    Currently enjoying the book!!

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