Chapter 3 of the Pathfinder tale “Crisis of Faith” now live!

I’m really kind of hooked on the whole serial storytelling thing. The third chapter of “Crisis of Faith,” my Web serial set in the Pathfinder universe, is live today, and I’m totally getting how those cliffhangers I wrote work. (I think they work well, of course.)

The events of the last chapter really give this one the crisis at the heart of the story. Jeddah Cailean, priest of the drunk god Cayden Caliean, just isn’t the adventuring type, even though his god is. This whole quest thing hasn’t been working out well for him, and he’s been shaken in his faith. And now, in this chapter, Jed’s facing an even greater challenge….

Surf on over to Paizo and check it out. And as you can see here, we have a great image of Jed — beer-belly and all. He’s actually in better shape in this piece than I imagined him in my head, but Marek Madej did a fantastic job nonetheless.

Next week: The exciting conclusion!


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