NFL GeekPicks: Week 4

There are things that some folks will never accept: Gay people in a Star Wars novel, Firefly never coming back to television, a female Thor…and the sudden, surprising competence of the Oakland Raiders. Or the Minnesota Vikings, for that matter.

But hey, what do you know — the Raiders and Vikings are decent teams. It’s taken me a few weeks to wrap my head around it, but I think I’m there. I’m also coming to accept that the New Orleans Saints are in serious trouble, and the Chicago Bears are really not a very good team right now.

But I still want more Firefly. On to this week’s picks. (Winners in italics.)

Baltimore at PittsburghIs it too soon to say the Ravens are nevermore for this year? Because if they drop this one — winnable, certainly, with Roethlisberger out at QB — the season is pretty much done.

N.Y. Jets at Miami: The Bills exposed all of Miami’s weaknesses, and the Jets get to swoop in and take advantage. Thanks, Rex.

Jacksonville at IndianapolisWhy have we not replaced the logo on the Jags’ helmets with Hello Kitty yet?

N.Y. Giants at BuffaloThe Bills Awaken. 

Carolina at Tampa Bay: Nice to see the Bucs once again reverting to drunken Jack Sparrow status.

Philadelphia at Washington: This could be delayed by Hurricane Joaquin. Put a beard and glasses on that storm and call it Hurricane Joaquin Phoenix.

Oakland at Chicago: This feels like picking the Empire to win the Battle of Endor. But hey, change is hard.

Houston at AtlantaHow far has Atlanta come? Last year, they were recruiting for players at DragonCon.

Kansas City at CincinnatiOnce again, the Bengals are setting up their fanbase for a flame-out in the playoffs.

Cleveland at San DiegoThe Browncoats find their Serenity Valley weekly these days.

Green Bay at San Francisco: Aaron Rodgers is as smooth as Star-Lord, and twice as competent.

St. Louis at ArizonaIn the NFC West race, the Rams are playing Mario Kart and the Cards are playing Grand Theft Auto. 

Minnesota at DenverIf this were in Minnesota, the Vikes would have a shot. But here, they will not make their ancestors proud.

Dallas at New Orleans: There was a day when picking against the Saints at home was dumb. It is not this day.

Detroit at SeattleThe Lannisters are paying a lot of debts right now.

Last week’s record: 9-7, which is not great, but better than last week.

Season record: 27-21, and I have some catching up to do to keep up with these guys.

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