Pick up a neat Humble Bundle to support great causes

So here’s something cool. The latest Humble Bundle is available, and it includes a lot of great science fiction and fantasy. Pay what you want, get a heap of awesome reading — with the proceeds going to charity.

Here’s the link to the bundle. You could theoretically pay a penny — you godawful cheapskate — but those who pay $15 or more pretty much get the entire package. That’s 15 books! We’re talking novels and anthologies and even Ad Astra: The 50th Anniversary SFWA Cookbook. (Yes, I have an article about beer in that one. Because beer.)

The bundle benefits Worldbuilders, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America‘s Givers Fund, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. These are all fine charities and non-profits to support, and I hope you’ll think about doing so.

And speaking of Worldbuilders, let this be your semi-regular reminder to donate $10 or more to WriMos for Worldbuilders so you can enter to win fabulous prizes — one of which is a critique of your work by me. I’ll be kind, I promise.


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