The Daedalus Incident out today in mass-market paperback!

TDI-mmpb-coverThe Daedalus Incident sails again! This time, in a more affordable, compact format. What’s not to love?

Very excited to see my novel debut out there again, and I hope this new, less expensive format will introduce the Known Worlds to a whole heap of new readers. What’s more, the paperback features Chapter 1 of MJ-12: Inception at the end, a teaser for the launch of the new MAJESTIC-12 series coming in hardcover this September.

So not only do we get to see Thomas Weatherby and Shaila Jain in an encore, we’re also introduced to Lt. Frank Lodge, U.S. Army, as he patrols occupied Berlin in 1945 — and finds something that will not only change his life forever, but alter the course of the future Cold War.

The mass-market paperback edition of The Daedalus Incident can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Borderlands Books, Mysterious Galaxy, The Poisoned Pen and at many fine bookstores across the country. (Want to shop indie and local? Check out the book’s Indie Bound page, and be sure to ask your local bookseller to order it if it’s not in stock.)

I recently read bits of the book again for the first time in nearly two years, and it was like seeing an old friend. It’s gotten to the point where a scene will start and I’ll be all like, “Oh, yeah! I remember that. That was cool.” I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve written three other novels after it.

I remain very proud of this book, which was the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of daydreaming and what-ifs. I’ll always be grateful to my agent, Sara Megibow, for seeing the potential in that first draft, and to Night Shade Books, in both its former and current iterations, for taking a chance on it. The Daedalus Incident was named among the best SF/F books of 2013 by Library Journal and BuzzFeed, so I’m glad their faith was well-placed.

And of course, thanks to everyone who bought and read it. There wouldn’t have been more novels in the series — and no MAJESTIC-12, either — if not for you!

Finally, you still have today to review the book and crow about it on social media for a chance to win a signed copy of the paperback and an advance copy of MJ-12: Inception when it becomes available. So leave some reviews, tell your friends, all that good stuff!


I should also note here that The Enceladus Crisis will be out in mass-market paperback in May, followed by The Venusian Gambit in July. Both books will have new and different MJ-12: Inception excerpts inside, so be sure to check those out too.


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