My Geeky Giving novelette “Mind Flight” now available!


I like announcing new stuff. It’s even better when it’s for a good cause.

Today, the lovely people at Geeky Giving have released the March story bundle, which includes my novelette, “Mind Flight.” You can get it here for just $5, the proceeds of which goes to the Barrow Neurological Foundation, supporting cutting-edge neurological treatments that have the potential to help millions.

I’m particularly, perhaps even irrationally, proud of “Mind Flight.” It’s my first foray into straight-up science fiction — no historical elements, nothing paranormal. It’s set at the midpoint of this century, give or take, and given the beneficiary of Geeky Giving, I put a lot of thought and research into getting the neurology behind it right.

The story is about a young fighter pilot who’s part of Earth’s last line of defense against the alien invaders known as Housh. To better combat the Housh, scientists used advance nanotechnology and neurology to help pilots control their jets with just their thoughts, treating the aircraft as an extension of their own bodies. But when the Housh figure out a way to interrupt the signals going to and from the young pilot’s brain…things get difficult, shall we say.

In addition to my story, you also get fantastic fiction from A.C. Wise, Robert Lowell Russell and Jeff Somers. It’s a pretty fine deal for just $5. And if you pay $25, you get all six months’ worth of bundles, thus saving $5. Each purchase also enters you to win awesome prizes from Geeky Giving donors — lots of books and assorted swag. All this, and you get karma points on top of it.

So please head on over to Geeky Giving and check it out. Enjoy great stories, help science do more and better things. Wins all around, people. And if you could share all this great stuff about Geeky Giving with your friends, online and off, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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