Hanging out in the Bahamas this week 

Are the Bahamas part of the Caribbean? I mean, the Caribbean Sea is nowhere near here, but the islands seem to embrace a certain Caribbean-ness, maybe? Or maybe that’s my ignorant lensing. Whatever.

I’m in the Bahamas this week, and it’s perfect no matter what.

We’re well off the beaten path, far from the hustle and bustle of Nassau and Freeport. We rented a cottage on the water and have a nice dock and some kayaks and everything. See?

Yeah, this works.

In terms of writing, I’ll be doing some work on the second MAJESTIC-12 book, and possibly a short story as well. I also have an article to write for a magazine to coincide with the launch of MJ-12: Inception in September.

But heck, I’m on vacation. So maybe I won’t get much done. And that is perfectly OK.

Now…where did the rum go?

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